Monday, December 10, 2012

Only in Mexico

Stuck in traffic in Morelia this was in front of me. At first I couldn't figure out what it was.....was it a new kind of motorcycle?

Perhaps a converted Vespa?

Ok, one of those new Chinese scooters you see Soriana or Electra selling in the front of their stores as you walk by on the street.


It's a Lawncyclescooter.
This is an ingenious way of traveling your landscaping business in Mexico. Attached to the motorcycle is a lawnmower, attached to the lawn mower is a weedwacker, sitting in the drivers seat with a needed helmet is the driver owner operator of the landscaping business.

NOB you see them with a beat up pickup truck or a small truck towing a trailer, loaded with various yard maintenance equipment.

But not in Mexico, you don't need all that superfluous transportation stuff when a simple one man motorcycle will do.

I was also most expecting that there would have been two people on it, but he probably is a sole operator?

Perhaps not,

Gottta love ingenuity
My only question is that of the red flag attached to the it really a red flag or just a red rag that he uses to clean his hands after work?
We'll never know.

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