Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whining Wednesday

Maybe I will have sufficient fodder to make this a regular feature, on second thought I hope not.
Sitting around  trying to enjoy a cup of coffee, I should know better than to wander out of the compound this week. The town is filled in with nationals from DF visiting, some visiting from SMA too!

The big difference between nationals and gringos is that nationals don't seem to complain about things they have little or no control of. I overhear topics like food prices going up, or the gas station ripping them off by selling them more gas than the tank can hold.  A modern miracle of  science. i.e. of how you can get 80 liters of fuel into a tank that has the capacity of 70 liters.

Yesterday the visitor topic was how rude merchant employees were because this visiting gringa were being followed around the store as they attempted to wandered around "shopping" for items that they couldn't live without.

It seems that the attention  the sales clerk bestowed upon the gringa shopper was not appreciated and was bordering on harassment.

Sorry Gringa lady, you don't know what harassment is until you have your shopping cart scrutinized at Costco for 15 minutes because the Nazi exit  strategist keeps missing "the count" two or three times over and over and over.....

The other gringa chimed in with her wining about the store clerk who refused to provide change after the person wanted to buy a bottle of water and handed them a 500 peso bill.

The nerve......

Meanwhile the hubby is sitting there  patently listening, just waiting until his wife finishes pontificating  her unsatisfactory experiences with the lack of a certain kind of cosmetic or lotion at the "dumpy little pharmacy".

It turns about that my adjacent unhappy table  really enjoys San Miguel and were only here because one of their friends heard so much about Patzcuaro that they had to come see for themselves.
And quite frankly she just doesn't see what there is anything about the town or area to have any possible attraction. She also mentioned "not impressed" at least a half dozen times in the 10 minutes that I was subjected to the "social values" of their fabulous SMA lifestyle.

And what they see is that they were "not impreseed in the least".....
 Great, I hope you stay in SMA and support the local un-dumpy pharmacies along with their gourmet restaurants that know how to prepare decent healthy meals that include something other than " rice and beans".

Gee, I kind of like rice and beans especially when you have some nice strips of marinated beef, shredded with a silky sauce of cumin , magi and beef stock with some local mushrooms along with it!

Oh and I almost forgot, that in SMA they have several places that have excellent breakfast pastries obviously baked by some baker that has relocated from Paris to enjoy living amongst famous artists, writers, poets, retired social stars and other people of "their station" in life.

What's "their station" in life suppose to mean?

My guess that it's someone who has their head up their butt and enjoys the finer life of SMA.

Please enjoy your life there, leave me alone in my "dumpy little town "

On the positive side, Patzcuaro will return to normal in another 5 days or so, until then no trips to the plaza to enjoy interaction with visitors from the social mecca of the Americas.... get it?  SMA

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