Friday, April 26, 2013

A day in life in Mexico, Typical, maybe, kind of a snapshot

About 11 o'clock I noticed or actually my dogs noticed that we have visitors.

We don't get a lot, but when we do, we usually have a fun or decent time to visit and enjoy the company of them.

So, my friend's red pickup truck parked itself in front of our house, by the time I got out there to greet them I saw that they had come prepared for a social visit.
A social visit in Mexico most of the time means that some libations of some sort have been presented.
They had brought at couple of 6 packs of Modelo Especial.

I failed to ask what the occasion was, since in Mexico  there is no purpose and no requirement to have to justify stopping on by to share a few brewskis.

They happen to be in the area, which to my thinking was BS, since we don't live in the populated area of town and you have to make a concerted effort to arrive at our outpost destination.

That they did, sporting two 6 packs
But the question was, was that enough for 4 hombres cresting the middle of the day?

We started at the outside of our compound and the crux was that my main friend, the one who keeps me out of trouble and basically manages my day to day battles when they arrive, wanted to see if and how our water situation carried out to be.

( that will be a topic of a coming post in the next week or so, after I settle down and ponder my thoughts together)  and cool off a little.....

Not that you need much of an excuse to stop on by and spend a few minute, hours, etc with some compadres talking about stuff ( nice way of putting it).

We talked about what new things were going on with them, since I haven't seen them in a couple of weeks.
Turns out one of them bought a time share in Ixtapa, at which time when he said it, the rest of us chimed in with " are you kidding, that was foolish" or some semblance of that attitude.

All of which we asked when we were all going to go for a weekend visit enjoy the fruits of his result of the free breakfast he received........
We also talked about local happenings, not related to or including how and what and who was getting into trouble in town...... that kind of talk is called "chisme" or gossip.
Men don't gossip, they BS.........

So after the first two six packs, we had a few more, reducing the inventory of my own  and when it was about 2 o'clock, one of my friends said it was time for him to go since he had to pick up his kids from school.

With that our impromptu meeting came to an adjournment for the day, final count was about 20 beers or so.......but who's counting at this point.....
Quite frankly I don't remember what I did for the rest of the day, other than it was probably very important.
This was on a Tuesday, so socializing is not limited just to weekends down here. A positive to the slow life.

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