Friday, June 28, 2013

Always Hot and Sunny!

It was a beautiful day mid 70's at the ranch here in the mountains above Patzcuaro. Dropping down into town for lunch and errands the temperature increases about 10 degrees and is a nice warm, especially when you are in the direct sun.
I am always grateful when returning, our elevation changes about 700 feet and becomes a pleasant refreshing temperature.
Being in the mountains does have some drawbacks. About 9 last night a pretty decent sized storm came over the area starting with some nice thick rain drops, followed about 10 minutes later with hail.
The hail dropped for about 10 minutes and looking a few minutes later after taking the snapshot, covered the concrete pavers completely.
At that point my outside temperature gauge said it was 52 degrees. Then the heavy rains came for about 15  minutes to the point that all of our gutters were overflowing.
That is one of the reasons we are considering putting in a large cistern, knowing that filling it up is never going to be the problem. Storing all of the free water will be an investment, but I think well worth it.
As you can see there is sufficient water for a home.....
The storms have so far been pretty decent, we'll see how the rest of the season will be....

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