Sunday, November 10, 2013

And I thought it was only in the US.

That when a bicyclist puts on his spandex riding outfit, dawns his bullet shaped helmet, he turns into a xxxhole?

I know first hand experience NOB where these guys bully people on the street and drivers in cars simply because there groups in numbers force their "environmental" BS on you and think that it is ok to jam it down your throat whether you like it or not. They are the good ones, you are the bad ones  because you are in a car and they are saving the world.


I usually enjoy sitting undisturbed, with a coffee, perhaps a book or magazine, nowadays a Kindle for an hour or so, waiting until the coffee cooled down , watching the show of shows, people walking down the street, cars and trucks slithering down the often crowed streets of the Centro of Patzcuaro.

These last few weeks we have only gone down to the Centro maybe twice.
The Day of the Dead brings in thousands of people to jam up the already sluggish traffic, let alone visiting bodies to occupy the relatively few seats available at the local restaurants bordering the plaza.

So, to say I cherish a little more the ability to go down, sit down and enjoy a pause while sipping on either a coffee or refreso of some sort now and then.

Everything was fine the other days as I found a vacant chair or actually a vacant table and chairs and one of the alternate places I frequent. This one is not on my most favorite place to relax, simply because all their tables are located within inches of the street sewer system, which more often than not, bestows its aroma that even a nearby coffee roaster cannot cover.

But when busy, this place usually will have vacant places to rest while navigating back to the parking lot most always. What happened yesterday, sadly is what I least expected to happen in Mexico and even more in Patzcuaro.

It seems that there was a group of about a half dozen bicycle enthusiasts arrived to our plaza and they wanted a place to sit down and talk. In the place I am talking about there are 3 restaurants all next to each other.

The tables were all full except for one small table that only had two chairs.

Well......Mr important bicyclist proceeds to walk down about 50 ft to the next restaurant and with the help of his friend grabs a table and two chairs and proceeds to bring it over to the empty table at the first restaurant.

Then Mr 3rd important bicyclist see that there are no other tables except for one that is at a restaurant about 100ft away, decides to commandeer that table with his friend bringing two chairs along for good measure.

This is all happening while they are being rather loud, all the while the restaurant attendants from restaurant number one and two along with their customers look incredulous.

I have observed that Mexicans are not confrontational people. They always want to make a visitor, guest or friend feel welcome.  So, the employees of the restaurants simply did nothing.

After these hooligan bikers sat down, I figured that they would order something from their first host restaurant.

Nope, nada not a chance. They proceeded to sip whatever from their water bottles for about 5 minutes, while their bicycles were blocking traffic not on the street , but on the sidewalk for at least 10 minutes before they decided to peddle on.

What makes a person do this kind of anti social behavior and not care about anyone else but themselves?

Neither of the restaurants got any business out of it and after they left, they didn't even bother to take the tables and chairs back to their original places.

I have often seen the spandexed jerks, hold up traffic, drive against the traffic flow and normal as breathing for you and me, run stop lights and stop signs while demanding "Share the Road".

Sadly is this mentality coming down to Mexico?  Perhaps it is something in the spandex that is pushing matter from the posterior middle of their bodies into their  brains.

Ok, not every bicyclist is like that, but you will have to acknowledge that a majority of them are like that, especially when they are in their mob.

And that's my story for today.

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