Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A little house maintenance

We finished the house construction in 98. In the past 16 years we have had to do a lot of different kind of maintenance to keep the house in top shape. We redid our water system because there was some underground leak we couldn't  locate about 4 years ago.
The roof was replaced with a double type, composition shingles underneath the tiles, a half dozen plumbing problems with leaky tank valves.

We replaced our original halogen track lighting last year with all LED lights, so the work to maintain the abode keeps on coming and coming.

I sometimes envy people that rent.

Other time not.

Today we are replacing all the gutters.  Our roof line is quite long, so it's not a cheap simple job. The problem is that there is so much water during the rainy season that over the years some of the gutters have rusted through, partially because they were not regularly cleaned and the debris allowed the water to pool and consequently rust spots turned into little and big drip locations.

We had a few spots where during and after a rain they would constantly drip until they finally dried out, staining the outside tile and plunking down on you if you had the chance to walk under that particular location.

So today the gutter installation crew showed up and is starting to replace the gutters with larger massive ones that hopefully will last at least my lifetime.

There is also another reason we are changing the gutters. A more green reason.
As I have mentioned before we are planning a large cistern from which to store or harvest rain water for use to both drinking and washing , irrigation water. The small old gutters as they were could not carry the amount of water that comes off the roof in a downpour.

Our downspouts now are 1.25 inch pipes, they will be upgraded to 2.5 inch pipes which will carry the water away faster and more efficient than from the old gutters.
As they say, it's always something, I kinda wish we would have had the ability to install these in the first place, but we didn't have the wherewithal to know where to get them 16 years ago... they would have been cheaper then, I imagine.
Old hand made gutters in 9 ft sections

New machine formed gutters in 20ft sections

Impressive worker, I was expecting 2 ladders.

Four man crew, see if they make a section before it starts raining today.

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