Friday, June 27, 2014

Open, swallow, rinse

Just returned from my semi-bi annual visit to the local dentist lady here in Patzcuaro.
This time the teeth cleaning was less painful then last time because I didn't let it slide as long as before.
Nevertheless, got a good report except for a cracked or chipped tooth way back on the right side.

Nothing urgent, which is not what I could save for my wife who has to return on Monday late afternoon for some additional attention.

My 30 minute or so cleaning, cost a total of 500 pesos.

For my north of the border friends that is about $38 dollars and 50 cents.

For some reason, I remember the last time I had not the doctor but a dental assistant do it in Sonoma County which was about 6 or 7 years ago it was several hundred dollars.
There it took about 15 minutes, and it hurt a lot. Here it was 30 minutes and I hardly had to squeeze the crap out of the chair handle.

There I remember the dental assistant incessantly talking and talking about nothing while I was the prisoner in the chair.

Today the music was playing and the only thing I heard was her asking how I was doing every 5 minutes or so.
Her off is super modern with all the latest equipment.

One of the constant flow of questions I get is the quality of dental care down here.
Well let me tell you that I would take the care here any day over what is offered in the states.

Couple of years ago I needed a root canal, which was referred by my lady doctor dentist here, I got the appointment and had the procedure done the same day. That is virtually unheard of NOB. First you need to make the appointment which is several weeks away, then you show up, for the check up, then they reschedule you for the procedure , then two weeks or so you get the deed done, and then you have to have a follow up a few weeks later. All those visits bottom line is between $2500 and $3000.
Here it was the same day and was about $ 250 dollars.

And then they wonder why so many people enjoy living here.....

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