Friday, July 18, 2014

Yes I know it's summer

Summer down here is a tad different than NOB. We have what some people call the monsoon season, that is where dark rain clouds come in every afternoon, open up and deluge the ground, then the sun comes out after an hour or two and everything returns to normal.

Until the next day, it then repeats.

The other day was such a day, we have had on and off rain here for the last couple of weeks.
What is different is we usually don't get hail except for the first part of the season or the end of the season.

Hail up here will tear our foliage to shreds sometimes.
Depends on how long the hailstorm lasts.

Another funny thing is that I can be in town and observe the rain clouds hovering over the mountains south of town, in town it is warm and dry, but that changes as we head up the mountain and cross over to the other side.

I have mentioned it before that we live in a micro climate area.  Here is proof.

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