Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Dead Gate Zone

As I mentioned they are widening the road past our property and have been feverishlyy working on it trying to make a December 1 deadline.
That's up for discussion whether they make it, I guess it could be left to the definition of what is "finished"
Immediately please say to yourself , in your best Bill Clinton voice, " Well that all depends on what your definition of finished is...."
The road is widened, but finished, I doubt that it will really be finished for another year. There are a lot of driveways and water lines and such that will be have to be done. Unfortunately once the road guys leave, it will be a free for all of every property owner to "Fix" their driveways and roads , water pipes and relocate stuff that requires such.
There was one property down the road towards Oppopeo that the owner just finished building his house. Sadly he built a beautiful stone fence about 12 ft high and concrete driveway which was demolished. As you see our old gate is dead now, the steep angle from the road makes it unusable. In our neighbors instance he will have to re-engineer a major portion of his driveway and gates in order just to have access to his newly constructed house.
I'm glad that we don't have to do anything that major!
Our construction will be that of doing a cement driveway and relocated the electric gate operator to the other gate on the other side of the canyon on our property.  It was the first gate we made and used while we were building the house. It will now be our primary gate and perhaps over the next year we may figure out if we will resurrect the other side.....
Another project.
And people ask, what occupies your days down there?
Lots of stuff.

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