Thursday, June 11, 2015

Finally....It's done... all over...complevit...finis....terminado...todo listo

Well they were only off by 7 months. "They" said it would be done by December 1st, but as all things south of the border, time is merely just an estimate. It is not uncommon for projects to hang on and on what seems like forever. But in reality they all seem to get finished in due time. Besides,
what's the hurry?

If you finish a project that means that there will be something else that someone will desire to start. So the longer you can extend the current project the longer you can coast until the next one.

Ok, I am being a little unfair here, what I should say is when they get their mind on it, it will get done and in most cases in record time.

If fact projects which I would expect would take years sometimes get wrapped up in months. One thing Mexico has going for it (actually there are lots of things) is that if roads or other public projects are done they can and do go ahead without all the nonsense that the NOB politicians, activist groups, environmental groups and anyone else at bay willing to toss a monkey wrench into delaying projects can do with a simple filing of a few papers.

The costs associated with every project NOB doubles, triples and even quadruples because of delays in the construction while costs are escalating every day.
But that's a topic for another time.

Our road that was once a nice little sleepy two lane road, which was covered in beautiful trees is now a 4 lane highway

The almost nice wide open charmless concrete road

Well, can you guess which road or photo I like better?

The only positive thing out of the new road is that it may be safer in some regards, that being passing on the road will be less dangerous....maybe. One the downside, is that we cannot get to our present gate that we have been using if we are going towards Santa Clara. 

If we are going towards Patzcuaro it is no problem, other than it is a  real sharp turn now and I doubt any kind of a long or large truck will be able to make that turn. 

We do have another gate that is up the road towards Patzcuaro that we will have to start using when returning from Patzcuaro. If you look up the road in the bottom photo, you can see where the center concrete media has been split and opened...That is where we would make a left turn crossing two lanes of speeding vehicles in order to aim our vehicle into that gate. Currently it is a man powered gate, which we are changing into something that we will be able to open with a remote control as we crest the hill approaching our property.

So we will see how things will change. I will miss the quiet of the forest being interrupted by screeching tires followed with a sound of churning metal monthly....
I wonder how long it will take for the pipe that is under the ramp on the side of the road to fill up with plastic coke bottles and other  debris and start flooding the roadway?
But that's not my problem yet..

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