Sunday, July 26, 2015

On death, hourglasses and wineglasses.

On this quiet Sunday I was pondering about stuff.

One of my blogger buddies occasionally brings up mortality, life, consciousness all kinds of esoteric stuff touching on the meaning of life and stuff.  ( But he is a few years older and wiser )

As the sand is slipping away in my hourglass I am reminiscing more and more about stuff of the past half dozen decades.
I am  lucky and fortunate for many reasons.  One of which is that I am still alive.
I think about how many of my friends have left this planet. More and more of them are blasting off into space each year.

Sometime when I drop into a mood I think of friend that left at the age of 50. One of employees checked out because of a quick form of leukemia at the age of 30. Both way too early in my book.

Somewhere in the last few months I read that at our age ( speaking of myself ) it is a given that we are going to die and the days are in the 3 or 4 digits.

Well that sucks I thought to myself, yes I know I was going to croak and I am thinking about it almost on a daily basis now, there was one snippet of information that I got from reading that article is that I have time to bid adieu to friend and acquaintances in the next few years.

Many people do not and did not get that opportunity.

After all I guess I am lucky in a sense since I can start saying those so longs now. Unlike someone who checks out in an ambulance on the way to the hospital after being run over by some speeding driver trying to pass on a one lane road.

I should be thankful, now that the highway is a 4 lane road by our house and no longer a two lane undivided road that was the proving grounds for drivers that tested their nano second zipping back just in the nick of time passing, in order to be able to get ahead of the slow moving traffic that was sluggish just a kilometer or two down the road anyway.

At least my changes of checking out are not going to be in a twisted scrap of metal....I hope anyway.

So, there are lots of friend and acquaintances that I haven't talked to in awhile, that I may reach out and contact. But even I have limits, no exwife, no friends that have become child molesters, no homeless school buddies looking for a handout, no politicians that I supported, one still must hold some twisted standard of decency especially in my retained wisdom of my years...

So, don't be so surprised if you hear the phone ring or maybe a email with some address you don't immediately recognize, it may be me just reaching out to say my final goodbye and so long....

Some, Modelo Especial or Don Julio will suffice on the fresh hole in the ground...  And as the Irish say, preferably filtered through their kidneys first!

Now I have to work on something snazzy to say on the tombstone.

So like today it was nice to spend an afternoon with two good friends that I have know for half my lifetime at least. I have seen many a season pass with them, their changes, their life changes, their years pass, their hair change from dark to grey along with mine throughout the years.  Hopefully we will have more times to spend on having great meals and grape juice together, today was a nice special day. and we parted with nice goodbyes, hopefully we will have a few more to share. Meals and goodbyes....

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