Monday, September 28, 2015

I am impressed

With how digital photography has blossomed in the last decade.  I remember the first digital camera I got was a Nikon and it had a huge 1" LED display screen.

Hell, you needed a magnifying glass to look at the display and then it was still too small to figure anything out.

No more taking the film to the drug store, then when modern 1 hour machines came to be, I remember taking the film down to the lab in Patzcuaro, steps away from the small plaza and getting photo back the next day, even though they advertised "rapid one hour".

No more enlargements, no more Polaroid photos, lots of thing have changed since I picked up a Speed Graphic 4 x 5 format camera which was one of my first cameras I was taught on back in the 50's by a nice man who owned  a photography studio.

 Those day, were interesting, but that's a topic for another posting.

Now all you need is Photoshop, a cheap 75 dollar printer and you are all set.

Amazing how technology has evolved in just the last 20 years or so.

A perfect example is this morning I was watering my herbs and notice an uninvited guest chomping on my flat leaf parsley. In my  herb pot, there grows parsley along with chives and tarragon.

 I noticed that he hadn't touched the chives, but did enjoy a few leaves of the parsley.
To get that shot before, I would have had to get out my old Nikon, put on a lens, set it up and shoot the picture. Then send the film in, get it processed and wait to see how it turned out.  But no..... now you can instantly see with better resolution than film was every able to do.

Here is another shot, one that I spent a little more time on, about 10 seconds.
Both of these shots were done on my Iphone.

No lens adjustment, so apature, no shutter speed, no filter, nada.

But, then I get impressed easily nowadays with the technology, because I still have the data base of the old days.

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