Sunday, October 30, 2016

4 days and counting

Today is the forth day that we have not seen any rain. The sky is blue, with a few puffy white clouds and it is in the mid 70's.

Last night it dropped down to 44 and was a little chilly, at least we have 3 fireplaces to keep the house warm and cozy.

Both dogs seem to like laying in front of the fire, even the longhair one enjoys the warmth.

As Patzcuaro fills up with thousands of people for the annual day of the dead, we try not to go down town because it is a madhouse. Between non-existent parking, to pushy tourists from other parts of the country, not even to mention the interior decorators who swoop in, and walk around purchasing this and that which will be shipped to the states, filling up decorator showcases and charging obscene price for what was purchased here for very cheap prices.

About 5 years ago, I remember hearing the argument from a decorator lady not understanding why she couldn't purchase a large quantity of these particular wood carvings.  This was the first day of the market and she just couldn't understand the concept that the display had months of hand work that the artist wanted to sell to many people not just one.

This season has been exceptionally wet, and we got hit by lightning several times.  At least our internet connection now is a fiber optic cable from our  tower which also relays the signals to half a dozen other towns in the vicinity.  We use to have a radio point to point and each time lightning hit the tower we would be down for a week or more, because those radio were extremely sensitive to the lightning strike. Now the fiber is pretty immune to the strikes but the tower still is susceptible.

We can bypass the Centro and go shop at the outlying stores, away from the crowds, this year we have no visitors from afar. That may change since I have been told that several airlines are considering flying to Morelia direct from the states, like it use to be a decade ago.

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