Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't.

I wonder if other countries have the same nonsense when candidates are running for president, or supreme dictator or whatever the head pooba of the country is.

One thing that drives me crazy is hearing Hilary's screechy voice, when she is shouting, which she seem to do all the time.  It appears that she only has two settings on the volume adjustment regular speaking voice and full shouting.

Trump is no prize either.  I would have thought that anyone that has to put their mug in front of a podium should take some lessons in public speaking.  They really need to hear how they sound and get some kind of training  to come across better.

I am not the only one who gets irritated by the fingernail on the chalkboard of Hilary speaking.

While I am on the subject which I rarely want to talk about, that being politics, I cannot believe , well yes I can, that this is the best that either party has to offer for people to vote for president.

One being a career politician who has risen to the epitome of a typical politician, a do nothing, say anything that will appease the listening audience.  We won't even go into the double standard of her transgressions that land other people in jail.

On the other side, you have a businessman who has allegedly screwed over contractors and employees in many of his hotel, casinos and properties.

Really, this is the best of the best of either party?


Somehow the system needs to change, but because of both corporate manipulation and career bureaucrats, both elected and not, I doubt anything will change.

What needs to be found is a regular Joe like Jose' Mujica who was the president of  Uruguay a few years ago.

But what enviably happens is even normal people who run of any political office, get tainted. I guess the power, the benefits, the temptations are just too much to pass up.

I had a friend years ago who ran for congress, he won, was going to do all kinds of good stuff,  he was part of a new gang that looked like they were different, after one term he quit and became a lobbyist.

Too much money out there to pass around I guess.

Anyway, I was kind of rooting for Bernie but now that the Democratic party threw him under the bus, there is no fresh air.

The only good thing about Trump is that he is not a career politician, but if elected that will rapidly change anyway.

We are stuck with the poor selection, I hate to say this but it will never get better, because too many people are on the dole, one way or another, meanwhile the little guy works harder and harder for less and less.

And so the story goes..........

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