Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Warmer yes

As I sit here punching the keys on my laptop, I am listening to the surf pound the beach back and forth. We have been at the beach here for a few days already and will be here for at least another week.

Right now it's almost 9 PM and the temperature is 73 degrees. Tomorrow it will be in the mid 80's and there is very little humidity.

Back in Patzcuaro it  is currently 50 and will drop down to around 44 tonight.

Why are we at the ocean?

Well, the weather in Patzcuaro for the last few weeks has been on again off again cloudy and cold. As always the day we get ready to head out to the coast, the sun comes out full shining and I have a hesitation of stepping on the gas to head out to the beach.

We haven't set foot in the Pacific for awhile, since I had my snapped bone issues and hospitalizations this year, it's been a topsy turvy year.

We go to the beach to get away from it all.

We don't have to go into town to by food,  we don't have to go by the bakery every other day to get fresh out of the oven pan dulce which we have with coffee every morning.

We don't have to fetch the firewood from outside and bring it inside and stoke the fireplaces each day.
We don't have to answer the stupid cell phone with someone trying to sell us some super duper cell plan or a special trip to Las Vegas or Miami.

Going to the beach in Mexico is affordable. Unlike going to Hawaii if you live in the States, we can buzz to the coast and have a room right on the beach, 5 meters away from the sand, for 1300 pesos a day, or 63 US dollars a day.
Going out for dinner or lunch is usually around 10 bucks, we cook in our full kitchen, so bacon and eggs are also pennies a day.

The sound of the ocean is so soothing, I would love to have a place on the beach somewhere, but for the price that we pay for this place, it would be foolish to spend a penny trying to own a place when we can just rent the place when we want to.

I was even thinking of perhaps just getting the place for a couple of months each season,  and even a paying full price for a couple of months it would be so affordable compared to purchasing anything and having to pay for either a caretaker or monthly dues.

We don't do to any of the tourist areas or restaurants, simply because they are horribly overpriced and are designed for tourist dollars. A meal at one of the seafood joints can set up back easily 1500-2000 pesos  (75 to $100 dollars) where a local non tourist joint would be around 250 pesos or 10-15 bucks, including a few beers or glasses of wine.

So the affordability factor if you don't live like a tourist is cheap.  Now if you don't want to be on beach and listen to the constant waves, you can set back a few blocks and get rooms for a third of the price. 25 bucks a day is doable in a  nice clean hotel which is removed from the beach 4 to 6 blocks.

Our purpose is to be right on the beach with a million dollar view and enjoy the sunsets and beach life for a few days.

Why  not,  you can't take it with you.

Meanwhile in Patzcuaro the Christmas tree is being appreciated in the plaza, along with the cool eveing air.  The rain is over for the season.  I think I will go outside and enjoy the sound of the surf.

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