Saturday, January 07, 2017

I don't want to cook tonight!

My wife is visiting family in Honduras so I am fending for myself.
 I get into a rut of cooking or rather making do, because cooking for one is too much of a hassle.  I enjoy cooking as  long as it's for someone which includes the planning, shopping and execution.

Going out to eat is also a hassle too. It would be different if we lived in the middle of town, walking distance to restaurants or food carts, taco stands etc.

The taco stand that we frequent is actually way out of town right in front of Don Chuchos store.  Yes there are closer food choices but when you find a favorite one you kind of stick to it.  We've tried a few other places which are closer to the house but have not found anything we really like.

Anyway, that brought me to think of other options like delivery.

There are lots of pizza joints around town, but because of were we are, by the time it would arrive it would be cold or like other delivery pizzas, when you finally open the box you see that half the pizza has slid over to one side of the box, exposing half a bare pizza , not a great dining experience.

I guess we could try and order something from a restaurant and have it delivered via taxi , but it's really not worth it, when you figure that I am sure that they are not set up for delivery like places in the states are.

That triggered a memory almost as good as Sherman's way back machine.

When I was working for a few radio stations in the city, back in the 60's I always had a late evening shift, starting at around 9 PM, running sometimes all night.

So, what does one do when you want to eat in the middle of the night?  Simple, you call Chicken Delight!

What's Chicken Delight?

It's a defunct chicken dinner delivery business that was very prosperous in the 60's. They had over a 1000 franchises in the US, at that time even more than KFC.
San Francisco had about a dozen of them, you could call them and have a delicious chicken meal delivered to you in about 15 minutes for a couple of bucks.
If you didn't like chicken you could also have either ribs, shrimp or fish sticks also. This was presented in a sectioned paper plate, which included french fries. They would also deliver soda pop or other beverages.

Other people at the radio station also enjoyed this service as evidenced of overflowing garbage cans of used paper plates and fried chicken scent permeated in the room.

When you are hungry at 1 or 2 AM, there is not much choice for food selection, let alone food delivery.  Couple of other staff ( not me)  would sometimes ask if there were any listeners close by that could bring by some food or a sandwich and quite often, we would walk into the studio to be greeted with a display of food delivered by some local restaurant for the employees to enjoy.

 This was generally brought about by having the jocks mention how good the food was and which restaurant was so generous to bring some food by for the starving staff.

( This was generally frowned upon by management because of this type of free advertising.)

I would love to be able to call Chicken Delight tonight and get a  $ 1.39 chicken dinner delivered.
  Based on inflation, that $1.39 dinner would probably be around $11.18 according to the inflation calculator.

My other option is to go get 6 tacos which average about 6-8 pesos each , 36 pesos would be about $1.75 -$2.00, about 2 dollars worth of gas, so still cheaper to eat in Mexico.

Thinking about all the changes from back in the 60's we no longer have,  like Chicken Delight, we lost Granny Goose, Wonder Bread and others, but that's fodder for another story.

So, maybe I'll look in the freezer and see what I can thaw out.

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