Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What the wife wants she gets...

Well actually that is a little unfair, because I like the table too.  But we already had a massive dining room table that you can see in the back by the window, which now we have to get rid of somehow. Both of these tables are massive and weigh a ton.

It took 4 strong men to move the old table out of the way and to bring in the new Parota table.
Parota or as you may know it  Enterolobium Cyclocarpum  or more commonly as Guanacaste, Caro Caro, Rain Tree or Elephant Ear Tree, referring to the shape of its seedpods.

Parota slabs are know for their bold striking looks wit a Acacia or Koa like grain and appearance.

I have seen a few of these back in California at high price art design studios and designer furniture stores but have never even considered buying them simply because of their cost. You can buy a brand new car for what they sell these tables back in N. California.

Anyway, we were able to pick this up locally from a fellow who had ordered it and it was delivered the incorrect side.

So, not being one to be able to turn down a deal, we got it, not that we need it, but it was such a deal....

Now the mission will be is to find chairs that will go along with the look and style of the table.
That may be harder than the wood itself.

Just another day, in Michoacan, a little hail today and a little more thunder and rain. Yep in March.

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