Saturday, April 29, 2017

Another day in Paradise

A few weeks ago our fellow Blogger, Felipe had taken a road trip on his way and through Ucazanastacua, which is halfway on the road to Tzintzuntzan. 

As I have mentioned before we enjoy getting out of the house for short jaunts around the area also especially on nice sunny days which we have in the season now. In another month our rains will arrive, bringing green to all the surrounding hills and mountaintops.
 We sometime find new things, new restaurants and new places see the rich history the area has to offer.

Felipe's story inspired us to take that trip again, and stop for lunch. We usually do these trips on Sunday, since that way we can be assured all  these little restaurants are open and there are other people out enjoying the day off or the family excursion day.

We stumbled on this place

The place is called Tharemuecha restaurant and it is located at the lakeside of Lake Patzcuaro, at the end of a windy crappy little road that shoots off from the main road that circles the mountain.  It is a little ways away from Ucazanastacua, which has a boutique spa and restaurant along with expensive rooms that are usually filled up with guests coming from CDMX for the weekends.
The road around the mountain has about 5 or 6 small little communities some of which probably have no more than 30 inhabitants, other have 3 or 4 dozen homes.  As you stay on the road it will empty you out in the back of Tintuntzan, about 7 or 8 blocks behind the main road that goes through town , the road if you stay on will put you in Quiroga.

Anyway, we stopped at this roadside or I should say lake side restaurant to enjoy a nice lunch which was served quickly along with a not so ice cold beer.  That would be my only complaint that the beer was cold but not enjoyably ice cold like I like.

I ordered the Sopa Tarsco and Chile Relleno while the wife got the Camorones Al Mojo de Ajo.
Both dishes were served with rice and a small salad with pedestrian salad dressing out of a bottle.
While sitting lake side there were 4 or 5 families also enjoying the view, their kids were running around int he adjacent grassy area and no one seemed to be in a rush to leave.  I asked for a colder beer after my first and it looked like they stuck one in the freezer for a few minutes because my 2nd one was much better which I enjoyed much more than the first.  It's usually the other way around most of the time!

Our meal was good, nothing stellar, since we were there for the lakeside experience and not a gourmet dining experience. It was good, tasty and moderately inexpensive.  All in all we would return here and tote along visitors from afar when showing them local dive places. Dive like in drinking joint not the wet kind.

In one of our other trips we had stopped at a restaurant that was perched on the cliff right off the road , again with a great view and basic road style food. There are about 4 or 5 places that one can stop and eat, along with the view on this road.

If you go all the way around the lake on the other side there a few places also, that will be for another posting.

We have lots of little places one can experience if one is adventurous and willing to try something new and out of the way.

We'll talk about our other lake restaurants  one of the next posts.

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