Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A thought or two.

September is a good month in Mexico.
First of all the rains are tapering off, second it is the month that they celebrate the Day of Independence.
The whole month sort of moves in slooow motion, there are flags everywhere, decorations displayed and even certain food items like Chile En Nogada, is special since it has the colors of the Mexico Flag proudly displayed on the plate.

One of the many reasons Mexico attracts a lot of people relocating from the states is the halting of time in a sort off way. Things move slower here, lots of values that I grew up with are still perpetuated here.
One of them is family or family values.

One of the methods that is used is the celebration of the family meal.  Oh I am sure there are lots of Mexican families that don't do this anymore , but all the ones that I know still use Sunday as a family day.
Sundays for us is a way to stop all the rest of the day to day stuff and just stop all the projects, tasks and routine and chill out.
For many families, it is dinner out.
That's why you see so many restaurants having all the cars parked in front, it's kind of a ritual still.
Sadly, this picture above is what you are starting to see both at home and at restuarnats.

I keep noticing families sitting down and all the kids are stareing at a smart phone screen, half of them texting the other half reading something.
Even the parents will look at that screen a few times during dinner.

Personally, I think that when you go out, or having dinner at home the cell phone has no place at the dinner table.
The meal is suppose to be a moment when people especially families can share the time to catch up on stuff, but in the last decade it has been harder and harder to have intelligent conversations with younger generations because all you hear in response, when they do talk is, " yeah, or huh?"

Conversation is a skill developed over years, but I don't think they teach that in school anymore, I haven't heard of debate classes or public speaking being taught in years. I don't think you have to stand up in front of the class and recite or read things anymore either.  ( Don't want to lower the self esteem of anybody do we).
Cursive writing is no longer taught in schools NOB,  probably in favor of Texting 101.

I guess we are going to the texting form of communications,  what's next, a blanket and a smoking fire?

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