Thursday, November 23, 2017

We are waiting for the shakedown period to end.

There is a new joint in town. This one is down the road from our house, so if it's decent it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
Actually anything new is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
It is located on the east side of the hiway, down about 1 km from Los Tanques.

The sign says they have a variety of food from seafood to meats, in addition to hamburgers and comida tradicional which can include pretty much anything.

It opened up a few days ago and we'll see how well it survives. The location should be great for them, since thousands of cars pass that location each day.  It is located about 1.0km down the hill from Los Tanques.

We haven't had the opportunity to slow the car down and visit the place.  So far we have seen about a half dozen cars parked. They also have an extensive kiddy entertainment area, so the little precious children should be plenty occupied with plastic animals which they can ride on and scream their little lungs out.

Today is our day for seafood, at our local place, so perhaps we will visit Don Beto's in the next few days and become the guinea pig for the experiment.  I would usually wait about a month or two to allow them to get all the bugs out of the operation, before arriving to overly criticize the operation.

I would imagine they will have the same boring selection that ever other place has, including hot dogs strategically placed on either your spaghetti or cheeseburger.

More later.

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