Sunday, October 26, 2008

Que Hora Es? Time doesn't matter

My Friend Scott flew down for his annual DOD trek and to celebrate his birthday which is on 11/1. Mexicana has jumbled around the flights from SFO. Seems the convenient flight that left at 11 and got to Morelia at 5 am is either gone or comes on weird days.

So he left from San Jose and told me to pick him up at the local taxi drop off point at the entrance to Patzcuaro. He said pick me up at 315. Since the flight arrives at 1:15, then an hour or so for etc. BUT don't forget daylight savings time.
Ok, last time I remember waiting for a long time for him, so I would make it simple. I'll just check the Mexicana Web site!
No problem, except.
One page says the flight arrives at 1:15
The next page says the flight arrives at 2:15
Well, I get up at 3, arrive at the motel spot at 3:20.
3:30 a cab pulls up and I think to myself this was nice, perfect timing! Then 2 people get out and stagger to the entrance to the hotel.
3:45 two workers from the hotel exit the workers exit carrying a long heavy object across the street to the other buildings.
4:00 Nothing but an old car with some blaring music loud enough to propel the dead into powering the forward motion of that vehicle passes in the early morning, still no Scott.
4:15 Another cab pulls up, this time 3 people exit, enter the hotel...... maybe I will try and go to sleep for a few minutes......
4:43 I receive a tap on the car window, my friend arrives.
He says Mexicana doesn't know what time their planes fly!
The person next to him was also coming to Patzcuaro, and they thought the flight arrived at 4:10. But they were smart and had their family check at the airport. The airport said no flight arrive at 2:00? Or 4:00 so when is it scheduled to arrive.......This is sounding more like the Twilight zone as this continues...
So, the flight takes 3.5 hours, it left on time, the big question is what time did it arrive. Taking in account that the daylight savings time changes in the states, at midnight, the flight leaves before midnight, arrives here sometime after..........
Good Question.
We got home around 520. Patzcuaro was starting to come alive, couple of breakfast stands were firing up their stands.......
Life is good......Time is not important... Fiesta tonight!

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