Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have an alternate plan......

Many friends show up for Dia de los Muertos. We arranged to pick them up at the Morelia bus terminal at the ETN bus at 8:00.
I know that the ETN gets there on time, so we were there around 7:45, and waited for them. 8:00. 8:15, 8:30.
I saunter over to the ETN desk and ask if the Guadalajara bus has arrived. The clerk checks the computer and say it is due any moment. I then ask her if my friends are on the bus. She looks it up and you bet, their names or on the screen......
8:30, 8:45 the bus has arrived and no friends.
Back to the counter, and I ask another attendant, "did the Guadalajara bus arrive?"
"oh yes, it was here on time at 8:00"
That's a different story this time,
where my friends on the bus?
Yes sir, there names are right here on the computer!
But they are not here.
They were on the bus!
Ok, maybe they are on the next bus that arrives at 1o.
9:45, 10:00.... friends.
So I go to the cybercafe at the bus station to check my email
That will be 7 pesos......
back to the car, that will be 20 pesos for the parking, thank you!
The original plan was that we would pick them up and go to San Miguelito for dinner......
So now, it's VIP's for a club sandwich and worrying about where are our friends?
Back to Patzcuaro.
Next morning, check the email, check the voice mail check the carrier pigeon.
The have disappeared of the face of the earth.
NO , they are in Tlaquepaque.
Their plane was delayed 3 times, and they got there after the bus left.

The ETN people don't know that and if anyone ever gets on the bus or not.

It was like the county and western song, " Wasted days and Wasted nights"......
They US office callsl around 1 in the afternoon, their office says they are lost somewhere in Mexico.

Get in a taxi and go to the Don Vasco in Patzcuaro!
The Bom Basko?
No the Don Vasco!
An hour and a half later they arrive at the Posada Don Vasco.
Two hours later we are having Margaritas overlooking the Lake Patzcuaro.
The flight in Houston had problems, not once , not twice but three times.
They didn't have my cell phone number.
They forgot to bring my email address....

Moral of the story.......have an alternate plan for contact, it's not as easy it use to be!

They paid for dinner the next night, they felt bad for making us go to VIPS.

All is well in Patzcuaro!


Anonymous said...

That is one of the problems here unless you have a cellphone. Now it's easy to buy one on the Amigo plan. Kind of like a throwaway phone. We get them and provide them for visitors making contact for them here easy. But they have to get here first!

ken kushnir said...

Great Idea, they are cheap enough to have one around and load it with a few pesos. At least we would have saved a lot of time and a bad dinner!