Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's go out to eat? Part One

I usually kind of get stuck doing most of the cooking when guests arrive. I don't mind but.........I wanted to give them a chance to experience the local cuisine and let them see what we are up to here in little Patzcuaro.
We have good and we have bad, no... make that awful.
The good is when the food is tasty and the plates arrive in about the same time, within a drink or two of when it was ordered.
The biggest issue is when everything arrives at the same time, the appetizer, the juice, the main plate and the coffee.
Maybe it's our fault, we should just order it bit by bit, and see if it comes out in that order. Probably not.

So there are a couple of restaurants worth mentioning, the ones that are not, we won't . My tolerance level is directly proportionate to the amount of money that is spent on the food. After all you can't complain of something when you're only paying 5 pesos for a taco, but if you're somewhere and that taco costs 24 pesos then that's another story.

We usually won't go there, but occasionally friends dictate their immediate hunger level or they have an aversion to standing around a taco stand balancing the folded taco so that the grease won't drip onto their leather shoes. There are great taco stands around town, you just need to use some common sense to check out your acceptance level, i.e. cleanliness, location and existing customers standing around.....

Thats why I have my taco shoes. They have already been graced with more drips than a Procter Silex coffeemaker.
Back to the restaurant review:
First of all, my favorite cheap eats or comida corrida, is in Morelia, two doors down from the Immigration office.....for 25 pesos you get my usual, Milensa de Res, or a thinly cut, breaded beef steak friend in whatever, includes a little salad and some rice. Always good and the fresh orange juice is 9 pesos......

In Patzcuaro,

El Primer Piso, Located on the big plaza, upstairs above a couple of galleries, has been an average ok place that runs from good to mediocre over the years, visitors enjoy the views and the service can be excellent to disappointing. $$$

El Patio, same street as Primer Piso, on the street level, and next door to the new Oxxo store, (Why we need an Oxxo store on the plaza is beyond my comprehension) it is average fare, with OK food, service has been good, their Sopa Tarasca is probably the best in town.$$$

Priscilla's, located on Ibarra street , in front of her hotel, she came from LA, and revamped the building which has a beautiful mural inside, and created a upscale dining spot, probably the most impressive in town. It has an international menu, which to me says that they only cater to tourists, since the ingredients for such preparations cannot always be provided in the best condition or supply. The other stuff is OK to good, but in my opinion unless you need to calm the personalities of your guests by providing an American dining experience, there are other venues first worth experiencing. $$$$$

It is located on the east side of the big plaza, on the corner under the arches of the street going up to the Basilica. (Portal Matamoros #35) Kitty corner from Primer Piso. It is sometimes filled, usually only one or two tables, owned by the same people that have the place by the ice cream stands, it is a last resort kind of place, unappetizing room, something about it doesn't make your meal comfortable, maybe its the stage they have music on above the room, but the food is mediocre with matching service. $$$


Anonymous said...

What about breakfast places?

ken kushnir said...

I am working on part two which will include that, but in the meantime, my favorite place is in Santa Clara, since our house is located about half way between Patzcuaro and Santa Clara, I at least can always find a parking space there. I enjoy Camino Real, which is the restaurant portion of the Hotel, main street, north side, about 3 blocks north west of the plaza. Never had a bad meal there, a little pricey, but considering that it's a hotel, it's cheaper than Patzcuaro. Enjoy!

Michael Warshauer said...

Ken, how come we've never met? Or have we? I'm not good at names.

Here's my recommendations in Pátzcuaro.

Breakfast places: Fonda Mamá Lupe, on Calle Benito Mendoza in Pátzcuaro; between the two principal plazas, across from Bancomer. $
Specialties: enmoladas; bisteces a la Mexicana. Downsides: coffee ranges from acceptable to terrible.

Cafe of the Gran Hotel, Plaza Chica, Pátzcuaro. $$
Specialties: Huevos Albañil or Omeleta de Espárragos, Nopal y Queso. Service is very good and the coffee is first rate.

Our favorite Pátzcuaro restaurant, for lunch or comida: Mariscos La Güera, esq de Fed Tena y Libramiento. $$-$$$ Service generally very good.
(Closes at 6 p.m.)

Specialties: just about anything with shrimp or octopus, with the notable exception of Camarones a la Diabla, whose sauce I dislike.
The simpler dishes tend to be better than the more elaborate ones. Notable Bargain item: a whole Mojarra, fried with or without garlic, served with rice and a salad garnish, just $42 MN

El Camino Real, on the Pátzcuaro-Morelia highway, behind the Pemex station. Good breakfasts. Coffee just fair.
Better comidas, from 1 p.m. on. $$ $55 MN for comida; drinks extra. Aguas frescas good.
(Waiting line on weekends after 2:30 p.m.)

Caldo de Pollo is very good. "Seviche" de hongos is tasty as a second course
Conejo al Ajillo is a specialty, when available.
Enchiladas Rojas de Pollo good.
Mini-desserts come with the comida corrida, but are "eh".

Notable item: the teleras rolls served in the bread basket are from Panadería La Espiga, and are "artesan" quality. Unfortunately, they are served with yuchh margarine.

Buen provecho,