Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day of the Dead ---Done in!

Well, I'm not going to load the page with photos or stories of DofD, every blog is has done that. Last night was a beautifully clear night, the kind that I drag the chaise lounge out to the courtyard and lay down and revel at the tiny spots of twinkly light directly above me. The belt of stars called the Milky Way dissects the sky with a frame of tall silhouetted pine trees here at the ranch. Thats what I usually can expect and do, except for last night!

The black ceiling of stars was cascaded with a searchlight sweeping from side to side erasing the tranquil night sky.

A searchlight.

Why do we need a search light?
Do the recently departed require that, to return to the graves or do the careening cars on the back roads and auto pistas need that to see what they will be ultimately adding to next years celebrations?
Or possibly it's required by the myriad of mini amusement parks that I saw set up on the side of the road in the last couple of days as we showed our visiting friends the mostly almost usual beautiful green countryside of Michoacan.

So sad that a once beautiful event, a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation is now a time to get together with your buddies and party, whoop and holler and to shadow the real meaning of the holiday........

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