Sunday, November 02, 2008

They are all gone, almost!

We stocked up on our stuff on Wednesday so we didn't have to sit in the line on Fredrico Tena ave for 15 minutes to maneuver around town. If we really needed something, like the birthday cake I ordered for my visiting friend, the Soriana store is on the Periferico and that was a breeze to get to.
I noticed today that pickup trucks were leaving with collapsible tables and towers of boxes lashed onto overloaded trucks.
They were probably on their way to the next cattle call of eager tourists, somewhere, sometime......someplace...

I asked one of the shop owners how business was this year and she had said that it was very slow, slower than it had been for many years.
Was it the economy?
No she said she thought it was because of the trouble in Morelia a 6 weeks ago, where lots of innocent people got killed because of some power play between the bad and good guys.....

Sad that it had to happen that way, both for the people in Morelia and the merchants that depend on selling their stuff.

Welcome to the world today, the good the bad and the ugly.................

This picture was on a clear day a couple of years ago, during a more peaceful time, at least for me!

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