Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday is slow, and the traffic is slower

Seems that Sundays are the time the family gets to put on the new shoes, grab grampa and grandma, the kids and pack the sub compact car or the Suburban and head down to the plaza in Patzcuaro.
We use to be able to find a parking space within a block or two, now you have to go for 4 or 5 blocks, so I support my local never used except on Sunday parking lot.
For 8 pesos, (was 5 last year) you can squeeze your car into the supervised lot behind the Panadelria. So that my wife gets to walk and check out all the boutique shops with the overpriced stuff around the plaza grande.
I only sprang for two sets of earrings today, only 30 pesos each. One of the pairs even had a vapor of silver on them. Next, me tired from walking around the plaza we opted for some coffee and then some fantastic ice cream. For some reason lots of writers from around the world have discovered our ice cream here. From Sunset Magazine to Frommer's guides, they all have driven up a cone from 3 to 8 pesos. I know, I know, it's still cheaper than Bings or Baskin Robbins but come on, must me the price of gas...yeah that's it, the price of gas!

Our Fast Food comes to us!
While , yours truly was enjoying his large cup of cafe ice cream, a little old Indian lady was providing free samples of her Goriditas. These are not what Taco Bell foists off as Goritas, these are actually very tasty and not saturated with chemicals and fat. Well at least not the chemicals...
So she rips a whole one and hands it to passers by, and me not wanting to offend her, courageously grabs one for me and for my wife. The first one was filled with beans and the second one was with potatoes and some chilies. Not wanting further to have her sample go unappreciated we bought a few for use with our Sunday dinner tonight......

I have friends coming down for Dia de los Muertos later on this month, so I know we will have lots of Patzcuaro fast food. Between the Indian Ladies and the Ice Cream not to mentioned the large glass of shrimp cocktails, I think I can get out of cooking as much as I use to.......that's ok with me.

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Suzanne Burr said...

Hi Ken,
You are a man of many talents!!
I enjoyed your blogging!! Looking forward to seeing you and Marlin sometime!! Say hi to Marlin!!