Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday is slow,Saturday is sometimes slow too!

We slept in till about 9:30 and decided to go out for breakfast. There's a sort of new restaurant 1/2 of the way to Morelia, built inside a large log cabin structure. This place is expensive, more so than the small local mom with no pop restaurant. One with 4 maybe 5 tables, usually filled, where you can get two eggs, tortillas, sausage and a coffee or hot chocolate for about 2 and a half dollars. This place we went to today is on the hiway, so since you have to be rich to own a car, and fill the tank at least half full, a bacon and mushroom with cheese omlet was almost 7 dollars. Bill for the two of us with orange juices and coffees was way too much for what we got, about $22 USD. We could eat all week at the small place, have a tastier meal and support the local mom. That's why we only come here once a year or when friends visit that don't understand mom less pop restaurants in the living room of the house.....
They just opened up a new sort of strip mall in the making down the hiway from the expensive restaurant called Illian's Cafe. it's a almost copy of Starbucks with the same prices. Eeaugh....25 pesos for a cup of cafe american. You can get a nice cup elsewhere for 6 pesos, and for 2 pesos more get a nice sweet bread. See what Americanization is doing to Mexico.

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Michael Dickson said...

Ken, I know that "log cabin" joint. It´s best avoided. But now you know that. They cater to well-off families with kids. Sometimes the waiters are dressed like clowns. Best avoided.

As for Lilian´s, which is a local coffee shop chain, they have posted prices. If they charge 25 pesos for a café Americano, they have raised prices recently. That is too much, of course. There is also a very small Lilian´s on the Plaza Grande of Pátzcuaro.

You´ve got me curious now, so I´ll poke my head in the Patz branch and look at the price list.