Sunday, November 09, 2008


Mexico is a very religious country, well most of it, and most of the time. Lots of macho men even admit to going to church now and then, mostly to appease either their mothers or wives or both. So of the social problems relate to the power of the church, stuff like teenage pregnancies and having more children than a family can afford.
That's another story.
One of the fond things that we do here is entertain our friends and visitors since Patzcuaro is a destination worth coming to, to see, to hear, to touch and to taste.
I try to do a couple of dinners, some of my favorite to do and based on the response from the guests is Tequila Prawns (check our my recipe blog for the info) and another is Tequila Lime Chicken.
I think the success of both dishes is because of the holy ingredient...................Tequila.
The better the booze the better the end result. Never use cheap booze. I would rather not have it or make the dish than to spoil it with bad booze.
My favorite Tequila is Don Julio or Cazadores. Both are excellent, both are not cheap. Cazadores is less expensive and still good.
I remember one of my first trips to Mexico with my friends Dennis Scully and Jay Fieke. We are at a meeting in San Diego and they talked me into going down to Hussongs! In Ensenada.
Mind you, Ensenada is pretty close to being a border town, and Hussongs has a reputation for being a wild and crazy place.
Hussongs is where I learned to lick , suck, Drink!
When you do that you have an instant margarita in your mouth. If you haven't tried that , you should at least once, OK maybe twice or more.
I took some friends to a nice restaurant overlooking Lake Patzcuaro and we ordered shots of Don Julio, The waiter brought us individual trays.
If you look at the photograph you will see why the tequila must be holy...................
A picture is worth one mil words............. If you want a history lesson on the margarita, go to:


ac said...

Great minds think alike.
We developed a dish we call chicken margarita. [guess what's in it?] We were overwhelmed with the selection of tequilas in the one of the local stores.
And yes, sitting in a shady patio in Patzcuaro, doing shots and nibbling snacks with our host is one of the activites we enjoy when we visit Patzcuaro. It tastes better there somehow.

ken kushnir said...

Everything tastes a little better with a preemptive shot of good Tequila!
so what's the secret for your chicken dish? Is it soaking the bird in tequila?