Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bugs and Death.........

One of the nice things I like about Mexico is their Environmental Protective Agency.
After all,the government always knows what is best for you, so why should Mexico be any different?

But alas, I have fooled you.
There is no EPA down here.

That allows me to blanket the house with dangerous hazardous chemicals, in order to KILL the bugs that try to invade the house.
Our home has lots of doors and because they are made of wood they have altered their size down from the original to something a tad smaller.

What I need to do is get some of that sticky tape with the foam stuff to place into the gaps that have been created by the expansion and contraction of the moisture level of the wood several times each year.
This happens yearly as the rainy season floats away bringing the colder dry winters which beckon the house to require our fireplaces to work overtime to ward of the outside chill.

With the gaps in the door and windows we sometimes receive uninvited guests of the crunchy skeletal type.

That is where my can of Oxo comes handy.

Oxo is my answer to my gunslinger fantasy.
I slowly reach for the can from my hip holster, gently place my trigger finger on the spot , aim the exit barrel and place the smallest amount of pressure on the trigger and whoosh...........

As a thin vapor thrusts it's way down to the level of the gaps under the doors, I know that within minutes my attackers will receive their reward.

So will I unless I vacate the room within a minute or two.

When I return I usually have a new task at hand.
Sweeping up the dead bodies and offering a little praise for my trusty can of Oxo.

In the states I have a battalion of secret agents, my whole area under the sink is filled with various cans of stuff, Black Flag, Ant spray, etc,etc,etc but nothing works like Oxo. Nada, Nechevo, Nothing!

Too bad I will get arrested if I bring it back to the US. It's like bringing in Freon or Pure Grain alcohol across the border.

There's lots of good chemicals here in Mexico, some of which are unfortunately getting into our food chain. At least my war against the bugs doesn't go outside into the garden. That is organic. I have to use garlic based water and lemon oil and stuff to kill them nasty lettuce eaters...........


Bob Mrotek said...

Ain't it the truth? We are all environmentalists until we see a cucaracha and then we grab the Raid Max and let them have it. I buy three cans at a time at Sams :)

ken kushnir said...

You bet Bob, kill em, step on em, but they will be here long after we're both gone......

ac said...

Better living through chemistry!