Friday, November 14, 2008

Hurry up and step on it!

Driving in Mexico is somewhat of a different experience for some. I grew up in a very large city, so battling for street and parking spaces was not foreign to me. I have always driven like a bat out of hell, so you would think that Mexico would be like a duck drawn to water, but not really.

What I am talking about is the preference of most drivers to run you down if your are driving on either a highway or higher speed road.
As a matter of fact, even a slow rural road is where their "drive over you" preference seems to be the keenest.
Mind you, I usually cruise around the speed limit or more, usually somewhat of what the traffic is flowing.
As you are cruising down the road it is not uncommon, but normal to see a speeding vehicle approach you and get immediately behind you maybe 10 or 15 feet or so.

Mind you this is at 65 miles an hour, so you immediately get the message that the car behind you wants to enter your space or something more intimate.

This happens on the straightaway on curves and on blind curves going up hills.

Mexico is suppose to be the land of Manana, so what's the hurry?

Are the tortillas going to get cold or the cerveza getting hot?

I doubt it.

So what is the urgency?
Maybe it is something to do with wanting to be ahead of you no matter why and where?

Or maybe it is a macho thing, "how dare someone be in my way"

I probably upset a lot of local drivers, because I just take my time and become oblivious to all and drive carefully and as fast as my passengers will allow me.

Just call me an old geezer who takes up the whole damn road.

One of these days I'll finish restoring my 1970 Dodge with the 440 Magnum engine with 3 carburetors. Then I'll show them all! Of course I will have to have a lot of 100 peso bills at my disposal for which to ward of the policia..........
Now you know why there are so many cross markers on the side of the road with flowers, candles and pictures.

But that's another day.

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