Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stuff, always stuff and I thought I would be finished

When you think of Mexico you immediately think of the slow, good life. Worry free, laying back on a hammock sipping your favorite beverage......Yeah sure.

Saturdays or for sure on Sundays, otherwise there is plenty to do.

We have a lot of acreage, so between the grass, weeds and other stuff that grows wild during the rainy season there is always some project that needs to be done.

We get a lot of rain here, from about May to the end of October.
So overflowing gutters, stuffed with pine tree needles, joints and gaps that have opened up from rusty screws or expanding seams that got some water then froze, all need attention.

Then I notice that the roof tiles need repositioning. Somehow they travel by themselves, wanting to follow gravity,opening up small gaps, and they look lousy if they are not in neat little rows.

Since we are at about 8700 feet elevation, it gets cold.
We do not have central heat, our heat comes from 3 Canadian air tight fireplaces that we imported down for our chilly nights.

When you burn pine like we have on the property, for some reason it forms creosote which then builds up on the chimney screens and needs to be cleaned each season. We found out years ago that we cannot burn straight Pine, it plugs up the screens in a matter of days. So we go out and find Oak, and use a mix of the two, to heat the house.

There are days when the fireplace burns all day.

People automatically think that because it's Mexico the days and nights are in there 80's to 90's all the time!

Drop on by some time, we'll let you sleep outside on the hammock................

More stuff always pops up, like me trying to cultivate my basil plantation, I just need it for my Italian dinner of the week. I gave up on garlic years ago.

My next big project is to build a bridge across the canyon to the other side. There I have scoped out a place for a hot tub and maybe a gazebo. It's after the other projects on the list.

I'm thinking of buying a tractor to keep the weeds down, repair the roads and look real cool driving it around in my straw hat.

What do you think?

Even though we keep a couple of locals employed with machetes to knock down the overgrowth, it just seems so old fashioned not to use exhaust spewing new machinery designed to tackle any job in minutes.

I wonder how long it will take me to make a decision on that?

Well, I need to go split some wood and whittle down the ocote.


Bob Mrotek said...

I had the problem with a lot of brush and undergrowth once and I solved it by buying a billy goat. It worked like a charm. I would stake him out on a 15 foot lead and move him every day. The only problem was moving him. He wasn't all that cooperative and whenever I accidentally bumped into him I ended up smelling just like he did for the rest of the day :)

ken kushnir said...

You know Bob, I thought of that, but it seemed like it was too easy of a solution!
If we got a couple of them, then I guess I could also get into the designer goat cheese business?
My wife wants to get a cow, we are planning on a dozen chickens, so whats another animal. Great Idea! Did you have any other problems associated with him other than the goat odor?
If all else fails we can have on hell of a Birria!

ken kushnir said...

And I hope no one steals him for the Birria!
So , I guess we will need a couple of geese, since they make good burglar alarms.......and nice roasted dinner...

Bob Mrotek said...

I had no problems whatsoever. He was a big goat though...a lot bigger than a goat for birria or cabrito. He had fairly big horns. I had been worried about dogs bothering him but I soon found out that a goat with horns can take pretty good care of himself. To move him I would get a good grip on the rope and a good grip on one of his horns and we would do a little dance to the next stake out location and I had to be careful not to brush up against him or peeyoo! Geese are fantastic for guarding a yard but you need a male-female pair and if they are big ones you will have your hands full. Go with the goat. You will be amazed at the results. Good luck!