Friday, November 28, 2008

Just had to post, Sunset Pix

I've been cleaning out the files and found these sunsets, I just had to post!

I will delete it in a day or two unless I can come up with some story about it....

The top sunset was from a home that we rented on the hills above Hollywood several years ago. We arraigned to rent the home for a week during Thanksgiving holidays. We shared the rental with some great friends to celebrate the occasion. The pool was 85 degrees and the weather was superb for southern California during that week. This was from the pool area looking west to the Pacific Ocean.

The sunset on the left is from our favorite motel that we stay at in Mazatlan.
It's called the Los Arcos and we love it because it's one of the few places that welcomes guests with dogs.

The other attraction is that it is inches away from the beach, has only two levels and is not plagued by hordes of tourists.

The sad thing is that it was sold last November with the new owners planning to level it brick by brick and replace it with time share condos. Fortunately the permit process will take a few years and they will keep it open in the meantime.

The other sunset is from the intersection of Ina and Oracle roads in Tucson. We venture up to Tucson at least twice a year to waddle around the various stores and shopping centers to ogle at the bobbles and trinkets then traverse the restaurants hoping to get a temporary satiation of Italian food before we head back south.

We make our Tucson trek into a mini-vacation making the trip last about a week or so. That depends on how nice the weather is in Mazatlan.
We start by making it to Guadalajara the first night, spending some time to visit with friends.
Now that the autopista is finished between Tepic and Mazatlan, we don't have to sweat the arduous single lane sitting behind buses and trucks hiway.
Then Mazatlan for a day or two, maybe three, next Ciudad Obregon or Navajoa and lastly sitting in line to cross the boarder into Nogales.

I love doing scenic shots since you don't have to tell the subject to smile to the camera!


Michael Dickson said...

Where it is would be a good start.

ken kushnir said...

Damn it, I hate it when you're right!
Thanks Michael, I was being lazy and probably tired!

Calypso said...

Great sunset photos no matter from where.