Saturday, December 20, 2008

Big Brother is watching...........

One of the reasons we choose Mexico was what we though we would have some semblance of the "simple life" to kind of uncomplicated things.

One of the ways to stay connected is obviously TV, but the media is so slanted and biased that I only watch the BBC news or one of the channels from somewhere in South America now and then.

Years ago I canceled all my subscriptions to the newspapers, talk about a dinosaur, it seemed that they only had ads and sensationalism.

The only choice I had was to get my fill of the news in a nut shell, USA Today.

I got use to it while travelling, it was concise, fairly objective (most of the time) but recently is getting biased also.
It however is one of the few publications that is still profitable.....for awhile.

Anyway to the point... I now get it in the Internet edition, so I can read it anywhere, even at the Starbucks on Camilitas in Morelia!

Today I read something that disturbed me.
So let me get the step ladder to reach the tribuna or soapbox!

(Front Page USA TODAY 12/19/08)
"Text-message tipsters help NFL tackle fan misconduct"

In a nutshell the stadium is asking via a large instant sign to report any fan that is deemed unsocial.
The penalty is immediate removal from your seat, loss of your season tickets and future seat reservations. No refunds! Nada.
Ok, well it doesn't seem too bad, there have been a few times I would have like to have the person next to me escorted out, BUT here is what is banned by the new code:

  • Behaviour that is unruly, disruptive in nature. (Isn't that the idea of cheering and fans that still have some energy left in their bones?)
  • Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that results in irresponsible behaviour ( huuuummm, that rules out all the attendees at a bullfight)
  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures ( no more finger salutes, Damn, oops!, sorry)
  • Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel
  • Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans. ( Yes, they are serious here)
  • Ticketholders are accountable for the behaviour of anyone in their seats. SO if you sell your tickets to a friend and he gets in trouble, you take the fall! (So, I sell my ticket, and the buyer swears or gives the finger to someone, I take the fall?)

So, I predict that fans will slowly figure out that they want them to sit in the seats, orderly and under control at all times, which will then make the games less fun, cause more people to sit at home , joining their kids from never leaving the house!

I especially like the one where you are responsible for the behaviour of anyone in the seats.

I would think they would want to first get the players under control? Nawwww.

(Somehow I don't think that the Mexico Soccer Association would support that.)

Let's see, let's start with a CHIVAS game. are encouraged to text the authorities to report this. So now already they have signs on most of the freeways to report drunk drivers, you are suppose to call the authorities when you hear the kids next door being disciplined, report the guy in the office who says "hi Sweetie, and winks" and report the teacher for taking a ruler and slapping the wrist of a student......

The plan is to condition all to report on each other , stay home, do not go out unless authorized....

I'm glad I am so old that I only have a decade left ( I hope)

I feel sorry for the next couple of generations.

Time for a hot brandy and think of the good old days..................

Just call me morose I guess.

Or maybe old fashioned, speaking of an old fashioned.........wheres that hot brandy?


Michael Dickson said...

Sounds like the whole country is being handed over to the National Organization for Women (NOW), a harpy group if there ever was one.

Calypso said...

I gave up on crowded places many years ago. Watching a game at home I can yell anything, act as I please and get drunk as a skunk with a short drive home.

And generally you will see the action a lot better - (and with replays of anything really worth seeing).

WHY - would anyone spend hundreds of dollars to go to a game? A joven sport at best.

ken kushnir said...

I will have to agree with you Calypso, Crowds are not my warm fuzzy experience. Never have. But..But miss the enthusiasm.....of people stepping on your feet and spilling beer all over you!