Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today is one of the days that I am in a pretty good mood. Why because checking the weather reports that lands on my cell phone I see that Palm Springs is 54 today with a low of 41 and raining.

Meanwhile Patzcuaro is Sunny and 77 today and will be 81 tomorrow.

HA! to my friends that couldn't understand why , oh why would I ever consider Mexico, let alone Patzcuaro.

That is one of the reasons , the other is why would I want to move to a place that you get run over with walkers and wheelchairs any place you go?

Talk about beauty, eh?
Yeah right, they had to build a phony river to meander through their RIVER shopping center just to make it feel like it's gots nature...............

Yes I like Palm Springs, to drive through and to visit.

Could I live there?
Sure, but why?

Unless they have better something, I have not found it yet.
......... And besides it's still in California. If that's not bad enough it's in SOUTHERN California.

Besides I don't have enough funds stashed away to live in the life style that I want to be accustomed to.

No trees , only windmills, whooooshing all the time, dust, heat and besides what do you do when its 118 degrees outside?.........yeah I know, it's a dry heat!

My friend tells me that they have to keep their AC on even when they are not there for months.....otherwise the stuff in the house will dry out and the walls will crack and shrink.

Have a nice life!

I'll mosey in my pine tree forest, with the pitfalls of life in the Sierra Madres.

Maybe I can dig for gold like Humphrey Bogart and Walter Houston did in the movie.

So today we are getting ready for Christmas. We have our health, we have each other , so what else do we need?

"Merry Christmas to all, be kind. You only have one shot to go around".(kushnir 2008)

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