Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Brought to you in living COLOR

It was so exciting to watch the NBC peacock unfurl its colorful feathers when their premiere broadcast in color television shows were starting.
In the beginning of Color Television only a handful of shows were produced in "Living Color".

NBC was the first network to do color, followed by ABC that had it's first weekly program which was the Disney show.

Now we take all of that for granted, watching them and forgetting of the old black and white productions.

I read a couple of months ago that Polaroid was discontinuing the manufacturing of their instant film, so the old Polaroid Land Camera, is another relic from the past.

Long time ago I use to work doing photography work and used the Polaroid film pack in in the back of a regular camera to do test shots to check the composition. Polaroid was a real time saver then. Now we have instant digital imaging.

I also remember all the slides that I have stowed away, never to be seen again.
They have gone the way of the 45 RPM records or even the 12 LP.

Now we can do wonders with digital cameras, and software to manipulate the photos.

Back to Color.....

One of the things that I love the most is the display of colors here in Mexico.

They are not afraid to paint their houses all kinds of bright colors. One example not so beautiful is the Yellow, as seen on the Bardahl Signs, wrapping the walls all over the country.

Could you imaging how things would be different if that was allowed in the US?

We have brightened our life and gotten into the spirit down here, we went all out!

One of our bedroom walls is a deep blue.
One of the living room walls is a bright orange.
Our outside doors are painted with a nice sky blue.
Both bathrooms are a shade of green.
Colors that are seldom used in the states.

I enjoy going to the plaza during the Dia de los Muerto simply because I get to see the interesting sculptures that are created and painted with colors.

I have noticed that the Katrina figurines have gotten progressively better in the last 10 years.
They use to be these scrawny poorly created figures devoid of any decorations and fancy accessories.

Now that they are able to fetch hundreds of dollars for some of them, it has turned into a art profit center as well as a expression of the artist. Some come with pets of Katrinas at an inflated cost of course.

I purchased one of the creations pictured above for a friend of my back in California.

He is fascinated with the frontal portion of women, so this was something that he could put in his office to quench his thirst with his eyes......at least temporarily.

I am glad that I have more color in my life now......

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ac said...

It is great that you have not become innured to the Mexican use of color but rather have embraced it. The juxtaposition of traditionally non complimentary colors is wonderful and admittedly at times, a little bizarre, but definitely cool.
One wonders if it is an expression of part of Mexican culture or a defense against the more unpleasant aspects of life in the Republic. Or both. Good post.