Thursday, December 04, 2008

The pause that refreshes.....

Today the sun was shining bright and clear and being Wednesday was cause enough to celebrate the hump day.

Being a little cold sitting in the sun kind of warms up the bones, but a direct cause of warm bones makes the throat parched.

I usually am not a big beer drinker, actually if I have a dozen beers in the a dozen months that's about my normal quota.

I would be considered a teetotaler by local standards, as I see cases of Indio or Corona being balanced on shoulders of professionals floating out in the parking lot from Soriana..... I consider myself lucky.

I only have one requirement that most sippers here don't have.

I demand that my beverages be close to becoming solid form as much as possible.

My compulsive obsessive behavior was inoculated years ago when I visited Tahiti for a vacation.

As the airplane door opened and it felt like a oven in the tropics.

The resort that we stayed at only had AC power for about 4 hours a day.
Most drinks including Coca Cola was served tepid.
I had to beg for a single sliver of ice.
It was one of the longest 7 days a week ever created.
Hot, Humid, Thirsty, no ice in sight.......
Never more.
I need ice, cold cold cold drinks, even in winter.
That's my cross to bear.
Now you know one of the reasons I am here and not in Acapulco.


Michael Dickson said...

I lived in Puerto Rico for 16 months in the 1970s. You would have liked it there. It was routine on buying a can of beer, something I did quite often, for the vendor to lift the can from the cooler and then thump it with his finger to see if it was frozen solid.

Often it was, and he kept on thumping other cans till he found one that was merely cold as the proverbial witch´s butt, but not solid yellow ice.

All of which is to say, you get really cold beer in Puerto Rico. Forget Tahiti.

ac said...

what a nightmare! no bebidas frias!

ken kushnir said...

Yep, these is just something about a really cold beer, when you really want one! I was in PR but never got a beer there. Now there's a reason to go back.....not!