Friday, December 05, 2008

What a pain.....

We discovered today that the Tree Thieves had crossed our property sometime in the last couple of days and removed several nice sized trees.
In the process they broke the fence, left a lot of stuff to clean up and the worst, left a sign and feeling of hopelessness.

So what can I do?

Hiring an armed guard will prove pointless.
Maybe importing a few hungry trained Dobermans from a car salvage yard in downtown Atlanta or Los Angeles would do the trick?

Or some signs advising that I have spiked the trees.

They probably would not believe the signs.
The armed guard will help them cut the trees.
The dogs would be distracted by some old meat bones.

What a pain.......

Living in Mexico is not all Tortillas and Margaritas friends......

1 comment:

Michael Dickson said...

Now you know first-hand why Mexicans wall in their property. Of course, if you have too much property that becomes a difficult thing to do.