Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Christmas Traditions

It seems that Mexico is getting more bad influences.

Years ago you almost never saw Christmas Tree lots down here.

Now you see Christmas trees in all the commercial areas, Sears, WalMart, Costco, and on and on and on.

The original Christmas holiday decoration was the Nativity Scene or El Nacimiento.

The focal point is a stable where wood carved, plastic or plaster figurines of the Holy Family are set up. The scene may be further decorated by angels and of course the Magi or Los Reyes Magos , the ox and the burro, shepherds and their flocks, and assorted other people and miscellaneous animals.

To be fair and to both sides of interpretation and to make all happy sometimes you would even see the forces of evil represented by a serpent and or a devil in the background.

The displays where something from a tiny table top to taking up the whole front of ones house or property. Sometimes the motivation was to share the moment with friends and neighbors, other times the motivation was to prove your status on the block by having the biggest and largest display. ( never mind that the family may go without milk for a day or two) Also often called the “Banty Rooster” or the “Little Pecker” syndrome.

Seems like there is a lot of competition down here for that.

I sometimes wonder that especially when I see someone driving a Hummer around.

Back to the topic...............

If they do something in front of the house the landscape starts with a paper background with drawings of hills and trees, little houses, villages and other scenes from villages and towns.

Sometimes they are three dimensional, using draped fabrics over benches and tables or boxes to add that certain depth....

Christmas light also festoon the scenes as well as handmade silver stars and other objects which are sometime hard to discern.

But always you will see the Baby Jesus in a manger bed.

The Baby is only added on Christmas Eve. ( Kinda makes it more realistic)

Nowadays a decorated Christmas tree is placed into the scene if the family has the funds. If they do not they may improvise with some branches or other tree looking items or shrubs collected from the area.

After all we do have a lot of pine trees around. Maybe that's where the cut trees from our property are think?

The next holiday is the celebration of the Three Kings which is on the 6th of January.

In my youth our family celebrated the real Christmas on the 6th of January. Then for a few years we had gifts for both, then only one, now people combine my Birthday gift with a Christmas gift.

At least they still think of me......

Don't forget to remember the meaning of Christmas, maybe you can live with your neighbor at peace for awhile.......

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