Friday, January 30, 2009

I need to stop reading

The newspaper!
All it does is get my blood pressure up and my hopes of living out them golden years in some semblance of peace,.... down.
One of the stories today in Northern California (were I can't wait to leave and return to Patzcuaro) is that the cost of arresting a public drunk is now going to be passed on to the local government from the state because the state is broke.

Does the average citizen understand exactly how much money is grabbed by the state?
Sales tax, fuel tax, road tax, permit this, permit that, property tax, school bond tax, fire department funding tax, water use tax, water resources tax, and the list goes on and on and on.
So now they have no money to pay for the lock up of the public drunk.
The roads are dismal, the government employees move like slugs stuck in molasses. 5 pickup trucks arrive at a CalTrans (California State Transportation Agency) work location with 5 workers.
Sad state of affairs when the roads in Mexico are far better than in California.
Where is all that money going?
That will take a few belts of booze and several sessions to explain..................

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