Monday, February 02, 2009

Get packing.......

I often admired the people that got on the plane with a small overnight bag.
I am able to do that only now, that my closet is full in Patzcuaro.
Use to be a stressful thing.
First think about what it was to pack, then repack, only to open up the bag and mess everything up.
Now we are ready to head south. I always get stressed got to be sure and maximize the most of the space in the SUV. Between the seats, under the seats, in the door pockets, on the roof.

Dog Food, leashes, water dish, medicine, toys, stuff for friends who beg to bring goodies down, new valve for the washing machine, new glue for the fireplace gasket, USB extension cables, pipe wrenches, solar panel controller, and on and on and on it goes.

Heaven forbid I forget something.
Then there is the food box, loaded with stuff to make morning coffee or sometimes oatmeal on the road. Then the cooler.
Need ice, plenty of ice. Got to keep all that stuff ready for liquid refreshment at a moments notice.
Can't forget some hard to find booze, like the big bottle of Sapphire Gin, my friend Scott drank down to the bottom of the label on his last trip.
What am I forgetting?
My meds, oh yeah, but no problem, I'll get them on the road if I have to. Mexico is a no problem cheap, ( well most of the time) place to refill the drugs.

I'm forgetting something, I just know it!
Stuff that is hard to get? What else.......
Yep only a few days left to go and I hate the process.
If it that important I can buy it on the road, no?
Probably not.
What is it?
I'll sleep on it. Yeah that's it.


Michael Dickson said...

Ah, Sapphire gin! That brings back the memories. Please bring me a case. And a good paint gun. And I could use a 40-inch television screen. They´re so much cheaper up there.

I´ll let you know when I think of more. No time to send you the cash, but I´m good for it. I promise. I´m Mexican, so you know that means something. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and four new hubcaps for the Chevy Pop.

ken kushnir said...

OK Michael, you just got me motivated to get a pull-behind trailer for the truck! 40 inches? You know it will look small next to the 54 inch ones your neighbors have....
Do you want the aluminum hub capos or the chrome spinning ones that are so popular with the Mexicans?
You know the ones that spin, when you come to a stop, or slow down for a tope.....