Thursday, February 05, 2009

Getting Ready for Honey!

With all the financial mess that's happening a lot of businesses are suffering more than they have in decades. However one group of businesses will enjoy a robust profit as every year. There are just somethings that are unwise to neglect, your special person, whomever that is.

One of our old customers said they did 30% of their years business on Valentines day. They were in the flower business other businesses that prosper from this old time holiday are candy and gift stores and of course restaurants that whip up a romantic meal.

Actually restaurants although want to make you believe that they are putting on a special dinner actually make more profit on those nights because their food costs for the so called "specials" are less than normal menu items. Often they put together basic "rubber chicken" meals designed for rapid table throughput, not a real gourmet meal but call them" Romance Special", which include a rose and charge 20% more!

That's why I will be taking my honey, my wife, out to dinner tonight and not fall into the "special dinner" trap.

The 35-44 year old age group will spend the most this year with the average person planning to shell out $119.19. I now I will not be able to get off that easy but way the hell, you can't take it with you. Or at least I haven't found a way yet, and besides how can you put a value on homeland peace and quiet.......

Billions will still be traded in flowers, jewelry, restaurants and cards.....

In Mexico Valentines day is know as "Dia del Amor y la Amistad" Which translates to The Day of Love and Friendship. It is very similar to the US version but in addition to niceties for the spouse, people will do tokens of appreciations for their close friends.

So don't forget, I am giving plenty of notice, just take it as a special service message from someone who has seen relationships from both sides. Believe me it is better to remember this day that almost any other day, except anniversary and birthdays of course........

Happy Valentines Day!

More to come on who St Valentine actually was.


Michael Dickson said...

Don´t think for a moment that your wife won´t want something special DIRECTLY on the 14th. They don´t buy into that "just commercial" routine even if they nod their heads while you rant on about it.

Valentine´s Day! Gotta do something.

ken kushnir said...

Yeah....I know.... but it's still worth it, considering the alternative! What would these special women do without gems like you and me?

Bob Mrotek said...

Good News! In Mexico, now you CAN take it with you. Banamex has branches all over Hell :)