Sunday, November 01, 2009

Look in the sky!, it's superadman

Just when you thought it was a peaceful little town, that swells up to crowds during the 1st of November, a plain and lackluster town, a few killings here and there, weekly accidents by wrong way Corrigans, radio stations that turn their music of at night, nada, nothing, pretty normal and quiet.
Up in the sky we never see airplanes overhead, the airport it miles away, and in 10 or so years I can count on one hand the times I have seen a private single engine plane fly over.
Except today.
It's , lawnmower-engine-man.

Or  if you wish an Ultra Light Aircraft.
You know the ones that are made of, bent electrical conduit, some nylon and a old riding lawnmower seat.
Yep he's up in the sky, and what do I see, he's pulling a banner of some sort. It says Morelia something.
Sorry it was dusk already around 6 in the afternoon and I would need binoculars to see it, but here is a brave soul, making a few pesos pulling a banner larger than his flying machine.

Gotta give the man credit.....
Now I have seen aircraft flying over Patzcuaro. Next it will be some wedding proposal from a young buck.......being pulled on the banner.....
Naw, that's way to unmacho.


Don Cuevas said...

¡Tancho! You dare to describe Pátzcuaro, Pueblo Mágico, as "plain and lackluster"?

Dios mío, hombre, have you no sense of the romance and beauty of the place?

Maybe you have caught Weltschmerz or cynicism from reading too much of Felipe Zapata's blog.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,
Don Cuevas

Constantino (Tancho) said...

Saludos, Don Cuevas. I understand your frustration with my description and attribute that to the difference in your palatial surroundings...but if Patzucaro is painted in too many vivid colors people will be attracted to it,then more people will come, cause traffic, pollute, so on and so on.
I am just trying to protect the fragile environment.......?

Steve Cotton said...

Haven't you heard? The Out List is the new In list. The brie-eating, chablis-sipping crowd is on to your reverse promotionalism. Watch for the lines of Volvos and Prius headed your way. Of course, brie, chablis, Volvos, and Prius are all off the Out and In Lists. It is difficult to reduce anyone to a cultural stereotype these days.

Constantino (Tancho) said...

Now that you mention it Steve, I do not recollect seeing a Pius (Not misspelled) down here.
The business obsession has not developed here, and hopefully not for awhile.
What there is, is because of necessity not self flattery.

Pat said...

Actually, Tancho's cynicism predates blogging by a good bit. In fact, his cynicism knows no bounds.

And yet... He admits an affinity for the immortal Count Floyd, of..

(scary music) Monster! Chiller! Horror! Theater!!! Owooooooo!!

I wonder why Joe Flaherty never made it as big as some of the others.

Constantino (Tancho) said...

Oh Pat, you chide favorite Joe Flaherty was the guy in the about being before his time PC.