Saturday, October 31, 2009


The full moon will be out, and it's time for the Scary, Scary things to happen.

No I am not going to post pictures of sugar Day of the Dead candy skulls, everyone else has..
No pictures of Day of the Dead Altars, did that two years ago, you will see tons of  them elsewhere.

Not going to go to the cemeteries and trample on top of family graves, (seems too sacrilegious).
Might drive by a cemetery or two to see the decorations.

No photos of traffic backups all over Patzcuaro, no pictures of tour buses lined up all parked in a row.
That would prove that commercialism prospers in Mexico.
Instead my picture is of Count Floyd, Howling at the almost full moon.
You do know Count Floyd?  Don't You?

He is the man who makes things scary, real scary and tonight is when all children must have the wits scared out of them....
At least one night a year which will traumatize them for the rest of their lives. Or would you rather have this day known for starting their life of tooth decay? Or early diabetes from too many candies and Day of the Dead Pan Dulces.
Hopefully tourists will come and bring needed shekels to town. The weather today should be in the low 80's, not a drop of rain, no thunder, maybe a few clouds......we need a few clouds to move between the full  moon which will be full in the next few nights.
Need that so Count Floyd can look up at the moon and Howl.....


Steve Cotton said...

I am convinced that Pacific Mexico must have a completely different idea about all of this honor the dead business. I drove by two cemeteries today. Other han a few workmen, not a sul was in sigt. (But I guess that is the underlying premise, isn't it? The invisible souls.) Maybe tomorrow. After all, that is The Day.

Babs said...

NO rain and cold weather to go to the cemeteries. WOW, that IS a miracle.

Constantino (Tancho) said...

Steve, it must go back to the Indian influence more I would think, that and commercial flower vendors inland here. I see various cemeteries on the coast and indeed it is not a paramount priority...
Babs, good things do happen, believe me one year with daily rains was not fun, our guests all insisted on the full tour too!
Been there, done that, no thanks!

Felipe said...

Steve, the cemetery activity will take place, depending on the location, either tomorrow or Monday. The Big Night is tomorrow night, the night between the First and the Second. Nothing much should be going on today.

Now, who the devil is Count Floyd? Looks like Dracula to me.

Constantino (Tancho) said...

Ahh, the Canadians probably know.... Felipe,
He was the host of SCTV’s Monster Chiller Horror Theater, wearing a cheap vampire costume and speaking in a bad stereotypical Transylvanian vampire accent.
SCTV was a Canadian Comedy Troup. Some of it was also done in the states. It one of those cult things like the Rocky Horror Picture Show.