Monday, October 26, 2009

It's starting to look a little like ........

The Day of the Dead is rolling quickly, the plaza awnings are all set up, the first of the vendors have moved their rickety tables in, only preceded by the globs of sugar fashioned as skulls that were set up about 2 weeks ago  under the portals of the buildings on the plaza.
The transformation to a beehive of activity will continue and be in full assembly by Wednesday. The traps will be set for the exit of people from the tourist buses arriving to quench their thirsts for hand made ticky-tacky crap.

Some of the items are well made, truly artisan masters of their time and efforts, but mostly you will see the stuff that one sees while wandering around having your head dusted off by hanging armies of sweaters and rebosos ( Anyone remember Bebe Reboso) at your local mercado. (At least I do, since I am 6'2" tall and have to duck more than not ).

The locals  will come out once or twice during the event, either before or after , some not at all.
Yesterday I felt was one day that we would go out for a prepared meal, the stuff in the refrigerator didn't appeal to me and I didn't feel like cooking.

So we hop in the old pickup truck and head out.

Saturdays are a busy day, markets are open, roadside stands are staffed by bored attendants and heaps of double parked cars populate the streets and roads.

Every kilometer or two is the mandatory block party of a group of men, usually about 5 to 7 that are huddled around a few libations discussing the weeks real important social issues of the borough.

We had a decent lunch at a place at Ziruhuen about 4 or 5 months ago so the truck was pointed into that direction. As we arrived into the boundaries there was evidence that their too they honor the dead by whimsy and channel efforts of display. ( Lago de Ziruhuen, is a beautiful lake about 25km west of Patzcuaro)

Our lucky at decency had changed in the passage of time and changes were amassed due to the onslaught of the prospect of visitors from afar.  First of all their was an entry fee to park of 10 pesos. I told the keeper of the gate that we were headed to the restaurant, to which I was told that the 10 pesos would be refunded upon a purchase.

Huuum....kinda sounds like a work-do project or perhaps an additional profit center justifying the gate keeper.
The lunch was tedious, especially hearing the staff lose their mastery of carrying the tray of food more than once. Luckily we had already been served and were entertained at their attempt at trying to clean the mess up before the delayed patrons would figure out it was their food that got offered to the floor creatures.
After asking for the check I decided to visit the bathroom facilities only to discover that they were charging 4 pesos for the privilege........and this after purchasing a less than cheap lunch?
No discount or concessions was offered, and on principles sake I decided I could wait 15 minute for the trip home.
All in all, opportunistic times are created for the onslaught of prospective donors of pesos, so our idea of vacating the area to visit friends in SMA this coming week sounds even more attractive.  I have never been in SMA on this week of the DOD and hope that they do not take it as serious as the local opportunists do here.
Or perhaps that may be interesting to see what the "SMA Elite" do with Day of the Dead.


Billie said...

Day of the dead in SMA is quieter than in Patz but still the city does what it can to attract those pesos.

Babs said...

Do call when you get to town. Would love to meet you.......Um, go to my email address and email me and I'll give you the number.
Safe travels.

Leslie Limon said...

I'm actually a bit disappointed that there isn't a big celebration for Dia de Muertos in Yahualica. Sure there are a bunch of altars all around town, but nothing more. I guess all the action is at the cemetery. Hopefully, we'll be able to check it out this year.

Steve Cotton said...

You hung Bebe Rebozo? And here I was thinking he simply died in his sleep last night. Good work on uncovering another lie by The New York Times. You are a veritable Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford combined.

Constantino (Tancho) said...

Billie, I am sure that the merchants never miss any oppertunity for extraction, especially from the visitor.

Babs, I have the info and will buzz you soon!

Leslie, maybe one of these days you can pack an overnight case, load the kids and visit the "cold country"
Or you could start something.....

Steve....I figured some of my compadres would remember the soul....Funny thing is, that the scandal was infinitesimal compared to today's times have changed?
And that isn't Bebe in the casket.

Felipe said...

Four pesos to take a whiz is ridiculous. I wouldn´t darken their doors ever again just for that little rip-off.

Constantino (Tancho) said...

I thought of you Felipe, when I left the parking lot, knowing that you would have approved my shunning of the bano along with the restaurant!
Especially after paying full price for lunch!
Too bad I didn't know that before. The parking lot entrance fee was a forecast...

They lake front arches will never see the treads of my tires again!