Saturday, February 21, 2009

There are tiny but brutal...

We have been away for a couple of weeks, and upon returning we have some un-invited guests that have moved into under our roof.
We had them a few years ago and that time it necessitated taking down half the sheet rock ceiling in the guest house bathroom.
Well yesterday I discovered two locations.
One under the eves of our main house and the other in the ceiling of the main room of the guest house.
I know we need bees and I know the importance these little creatures in the big picture. Man would not be able to survive this planet without them since they are essential to the pollination and other stuff that a apiculturist could tell you.
My problem is these little critters are quite aggressive and that anytime you come close to them they will attack.
The big problem is that now we have two locations and I don't want to spray the hives with my favorite all in one killer OXO.
So, now I need to find a bee expert to come and remove the nest and colony and set them free, go little bees, fly away!... before you sting me and never come back! That's an order.

It will cost some pesos, but what the hey, it's nature at it's finest, the small insects to big elephants. It's all important but occasionally a pain in the ass!'s off the the local agriculture office to inquire who the bee man is around here and hopefully we can wander outside again with out sneaking around.

These are some of the issues that owning property, with trees, grass, insects, animals and stuff that gets in the way of a peaceful stress free life. I sometimes envy the people that just rent or have a small house or apartment in town.
But then we wouldn't see the stars, I mean all the stars without all the light pollution and noise from the's a trade off.
I still love it, for now.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Ugh. The bees & nests look quite intimidating!

Good Luck to you on the removal.

Yep. Glad I am in a rental at the moment.

ken kushnir said...

Thanks American Mommy, I sometime think that would be a nice simple way of living. Just one of the daily journeys we need to conquer!

ac said...

Hi Ken,
They do look quite nasty. kind of wasp like.
Mike D had a similar problem some time ago. Perhaps a consultation is in order?
Keep your Epi-pen and Benadryl handy!
Good luck and be careful!

Michael Dickson said...

Those are not bees. I´ve been trying to find out for a long time what they are, with no success.

We have had that very hive on the side of our house about three years. It´s big! I have held them in my hand. They have never been aggressive in the slightest. You have actually had these little buggers come after you, or you just figure they will if given the chance?

Calypso said...

We had an extensive discussion about those critters - see link above.

I think the consensus was they are:
Polybia wasps

Like Miguelito ours are not aggressive. They have been on our patio roof underside for a couple years now - never a problem and they are said to be good luck in these parts - like your casa is blessed or something - I do not take these wives tales lightly ;-)