Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some TV Options

Well, I have had quite of few people ask about the television reception down here for US programming. Having been somewhat in the business I have some information that I can share with you if you want to get the programming down here.
There are several US satellite companies that offer service to the home via a small antenna dish. Originally Direct TV was able to be received using a 2 meter dish. That lasted about 6 years and their signal dropped sufficient strength to be able to receive a reliable signal due to them repositioning their antennas when they started to offer "local area channels"
Unless you are really close to the border, like Hermosillo or San Carlos , forget it.
The other popular provider is Echostar or Dish TV.
Their satellite signals were great and the reliability was sufficient to get almost all the channels all the way down to Central America as far as Belize.
Until last year....
Around October they took one of the satellites the one that is positioned on orbital spot at 110degrees was changed. It now no longer puts a good signal over Mexico, even with a 2.5 meter dish.
So presently all you can get is the Dish TV programming that is on one satellite, the one at 119.
You can get a good deal of programming on that one satellite, you will not get HD or some of the pay channels. You will not get any local programming unless you are happy with networks from Atlanta and San Francisco.
There are other option that would require either larger dishes or getting service from a Canadian provider that would also give you Network channels from other locations like Seattle and Buffalo.
You may have to provide a US address or possible proof that you have a recreational vehicle in order to get the Dish Programming. There are Canadian providers that can bill you in advance that would allow you to receive the programming on a cash up front basis also.
All in all there are tons of ways to get reception here in addition to the Mexican Sky TV service which at last checking did not offer any US network feeds.

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