Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a difference a border makes.....

Coming home from Morelia to Patzcuaro the other day, about halfway there at the bottom of a hill there it was, a couple of police cars, the normal danger light warning system which in this case is a short fellow madly waving a yellow flag, standing 200 meters prior to the overturned fuel truck.

The cars were carefully passing, some even slowing down as the crash caused the police and other official to use the right lane.

There it was, a large fuel truck laying on it's side with the pungent smell of fuel oil or some oil product.
Traffic was still going, there wasn't a line backup miles upon miles nether was there a detour around the epicenter of the accident.

Next day, I hear a news flash on the San Francisco CBS TV station, ( I listen to it more, I hate to sit down to watch the news anyway)
The story was that Highway One. in Pacifica (south of San Francisco) was now reopened after being shut down for 4, yep that's FOUR hours, which if you know that highway it is a pretty busy thoroughfare, and it caused a monumental backup for miles. The cause was a truck spilling 25 gallons of hydraulic fluid.


Americans seem to overreact to almost everything. One thing I have notice being down here, is that stuff just isn't a big deal. Whether it's a shooting in town, down the street, an accident. a store closing or's just not a big deal!

Today passing the spot there were about a dozen piles of dirt before the spot where the truck was. It looked like a backhoe bucket simply scooped up the tainted dirt and piled it by the road to take away.

Where was all the yellow tape? the hazmat white suit dressed environmental stormtroopers all saving the people?

Things remain simple and things are just not a big deal.......Lots of Gringos have a issue with that. I hear that it all the time.
So if you have a problem with under-achievement on the environmental police squad, you will not like it down here.
Don't complicate things.
Take it easy...relax.....things might get done in time.
Or they may not!

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