Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm today, but hail last week.

Funny how the weather changes up here on the mountain. Being higher and closer to the mountains, the really large mountain Cerro Burro, we get a micro climate that Patzcuaro doesn't see.
It could be nice and dry down at the centro, but crest the hill and black ominous clouds hover over the house sometime releasing downpour any barren dirt would embrace.

Last week while working outside we were pelted with hail. Today it's too hot to be in the direct sun. The lawn and the garden, the bees and the birds and the cherished black Taz, loves it too but only for burst of time!
If only we could get the wet season to be a little more gentle and the dry season to be a little more wet it would be heaven......wait it is almost heaven the way it is, nothing needs to change at least not today.

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