Sunday, March 01, 2009

Old, Old, not me!

Time is relative and it is interesting to gauge the passing of time to events and things that one sees. It has been 12 years since we purchased the property here and 10 years since the house was finished, but that seems longer.

For some reason the older you get the years tend to pass by quicker. One can only imaging the perception for a person who is 90 lets say........

When you were a mere child of 7 or 8 it seemed forever for Christmas to roll around, But the summer whizzed by faster when you started going to school for some reason.

Last night the AMC Channel was showing Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles.

Almost every time I see that it is on, in spite of me having it recorded and having a DVD of it, I find myself selecting the channel.

Maybe I won't watch the whole movie but it still is as funny watching it for the umpteenth time as the first.

That movie came out 35 years ago.

Yes, that's Thirty Five years ago!

And it seems like maybe 15 years or so........


Bob Mrotek said...


I love Blazing Saddles but my favorite comedic movie of all time is Stanley Kramer's "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" because it has so many old time great comedians. It came out in 1963 and that was 46 years ago! My how time flies :)

P.S. Look under the "W"

ken kushnir said...

Smiler Grogan would be proud of you for remembering him! That is also one of my favorites, I probably have seen it 2 dozen times. There was a web site I found a couple of years ago that is quite interesting. It was a chronicle of the locations they shot it at, like the intersection in 29 Palms, where they all stop for a minute or two, the site shows whats in those areas now, subdivision, strip malls, Long Beach were the last scene was filmed using the aerial ladder was all redone, you might search for it on one of those lonely nights.....
"I'll have an old fashioned" when some of my buddies get together we bring up all kinds of lines like that!