Monday, March 30, 2009

You can't pick your neighbors, Mr. Hatfield...

I got a call the other day from a neighbor complaining, well actually it was more like venting about a neighbor.
For him it was his next door neighbor, a fellow of 47 years of age, who is making his life a nightmare.

How sad that a stranger, can impact someone so much to the point of desperation.

This person is going out of his way to make life for both neighbors, one on each side a problem.

The legal profession has a description of what is suppose to be the norm, that of " Quiet enjoyment" which basically states that one person may not infringe on an other's right to occupy their home or land without interference.

The call went on to say that one night his car was keyed, then the next his windshield wiper arm was snapped off the car, a week later some profanities where keyed on the hood of the car, but mostly his driveway is constantly blocked by "his neighbor".

This fellow is a mellow man, a chiropractor by trade, so it's not like he is a steelworker or heavy equipment operator who could return one punch to flatten out the offender.

The police were called several times, and shouting matches ensued.
Had it not been that the offender got pulled back into his home by family, the police said they would have arrested him.

During my lengthy venting reception, it was pointed out that the police had several observations, one was that the person was definitely unstable and possibility dangerous, but the other was that this is a no win situation for all concerned.

The police also said that should they arrest and succeed in sentencing the man, for several months, this will do nothing more than to build up the rage that festers within him now.
So that upon his release he will possible harbor more anger against his neighbors, not knowing what he may be able to do, or how he would act upon them knowing that they were responsible for the complaint to put him there.

Would he burn their homes down , when there were absent?
Would he burn their homes down , when they were present?

Should he repaint his car, knowing that this loose cannon is walking around next door?

The police had no recommendations,
He wanted to vent, and vent he did. The only recommendations I was able to offer was to wait it out and see if this jerk makes someone else mad somewhere and that person will solve the problem.
But that doesn't help the neighbors right now.............

We have a neighbor that started a fire next door to us last week and created a big mess.
Thank God, our caretaker was able to get the fire department over there to keep it from getting out of control....

Now I will see what damage it has down, when we return........

Gotta love your neighbors? Eh?


Bob Mrotek said...


One of my favorite songs is called "With a little bit of luck".

"The Lord above made man to help his neighbor,
No matter where on land or sea or foam.
The Lord above made man to help his neighbor BUT,
With a little bit of luck,
With a little bit of luck,
When he comes around you won't be home!

Joking aside, the best advice that I could give someone in your friend's position is to be patient and maintain peace in his own heart. Pray sincerely for the offender and turn the other cheek and if that doesn't work just wait patiently for someone else to wack the guy with a shovel. It's bound to happen sooner or later. Then you can have a party and block HIS driveway with impunity.

Constantino said...

Thanks Bob! I pondered what I would do in the same situation and really there is nothing much you can do without landing in jail too! Sadly people like that do make a living hell for people and hopefully there will be justice somewhere along the road, too bad it's not sooner! You would think the "law" would have some solution for it, but not. You read about revenge killings and stuff, sad, truly sad......

Felipe said...

This is why one needs a wall around one´s property in Mexico.

Constantino said...

Good Fences make good neighbors! unless you happen to live in the town where there are driveways.......
I do like your wall Felipe, too bad it isn't a touch higher.
I sometimes envy the ones that are high, with broken glass and razor wire on the tops...

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Sad situation. Sometimes, life presents problems that just have no logical or just solution.

This is why we have(and I am being truthful) taught our boys that "Life is Not Fair."

Cause it just ain't sometimes.

I do hope all works out for your neighbor.